Cash Day Results

Our First ever Cash day, saw some of the closest racing of the season. In the Gasser Class, it came down to Billy Webb in his 1949 German Ford taking the win and first place money over Bill Samons in his wheel standing 1956 Chevy. This was Mr. Samons first time out this year with the GRS. In the Mod Class, it was Bill Quay in his 1964 Ford Fairlane (Thunderbolt) taking the win and top money over Rob Brooks in his 1968 Black Cuda. In our Consulation race (for first round losers), it was a Gasser vs. Mod final. Nick Defeo representing the Gassers took top money, with John Rossman in his 1969 “Nova caine” taking second place cash. With the extra race, we got done at 4:00, a little later than usual. We are working on a makeup for last week’s rainout. Stay tuned. Thanks to all who made for another great day of racing.

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