Two races down- Six to go! and another way to get some recognition

Just like that we have completed 2 races. next points race date is June 9th.

Race results from the weekend are:

 5/26 – Gasser Winner-Roger Cavallaro,  Chevy
                               R/U – Billy Webb , Taunus
              Mod Winner – Jimmy Shaughnesy – Plymouth
                               R/U – Jeff Bahret, Altered

5-26-18-474 (Small)5-26-18-478 (Small)5-26-18-481 (Small)5-26-18-484 (Small)

 5/27 –  Gasser Winner- Billy Webb, Taunus
                                R/U – Roger Cavallaro, Chevy
               Mod Winner – Mike Meeks, Dodge
                                 R/u – Reid Ricketson, Plymouth
5-27-18-342 (Small)
5-27-18-346 (Small)

 5-27-18-354 (Small)

5-27-18-335 (Small)







Additionally Roger  Cavallaro has funded a Reaction Time award. Starting with our first race (and all additional 2018 points races) we will award $25.00 to the best winning reaction time during eliminations. The first (5/26) winner was Billy Webb and Bill Samons on the 5/27 race. both with .001 reaction times

Thanks to Roger for the support.

5-27-18-342 (Small)
5-27-18-342 (Small)

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