GRS Member Flags

Flags are in! They will be available for pick up or purchase at the GRS trailer at any event or contact us to arrange pick up/purchase between races.




Flag order has been placed. If you requested a flag(s) please send a check payable to the Gasser Racing Series in the amount of $38.00 (each) to;

Gasser Racing Series, P.O. Box 102, Byron NY 14422.

Several members have purchased multiple extras to get us over the 50 mark so we can  get a price break. Please feel free to request an extra (or two)  to help relieve the cost burden these members have taken on.

Expected delivery possibly by the 5/27 race. Get your flag poles ready!

Gasser Racing Series

Get on the List!

GRS member flag (3’x5′ Nylon) Pre Sale list has been started. Flag cost will be a direct to you price. The more we order the better the price.  New better price …IF we order 50 or more flags the price ea will be $38.00  less than 50 price is $60.00ea  We are a ways off of 50 so if you are interested get your order in…tell your friends!

Please send an Email to to place your order and receive payment instructions.

Lets Get Our Flags Waving!


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