Season wrap up

Whew we just got that one (10/8)  in! Thank you to all that held on for the weather to pass. We had a good event.

Points are done and your class champions for the 2016 season are;

Gasser Class Season Champion , Tom Kammerdeiner with the Senior Moment  48 Austin

Modified Class Season Champion,  Bill Curtis. with the GEARHEDZ  68 Chevelle

Congratulations to both of you!

The points were tight this season showing the great level of competitors the RGS/Gasser Racing series has.

Over all we had a great season. The weather was Hot!!! but we persevered. The car counts are up from 2015 and so is the membership. We had 21 days of scheduled (planned racing and event participation) days and we got 17 of them in (weather issues) not bad. We tried a rain date and there was just no avoiding it we got rained out that day too!

On November 12 the 2016 season awards banquet will be held at Bohns restaurant. This year will be a sit down served meal(s) instead of the typical buffet. Soon you should receive a menu in the mail from the GRS, please make your selections and return you choices by November 1. There will be instruction with the mailer also. Please come and celebrate the 2016 season and honor the champions achievements.

In addition there will be a season wrap up meeting prior to the end of the year (December) please keep checking the Web page for details.

Again Thank you all who participate in some way with the RGS/Gasser Racing Series.

with out the Sponsors, Racers, Track owners/operators , Fans and the staff of the RGS/GRS there would not be a Gasser Racing Series. So thank you all.

At this time I would like to encourage all the races to take some time to acknowledge the sponsors  if not through utilizing their services then a thank you for their support.

I want to thank the following people;

 Mike Haynes, he’s my go to guy, does more for me and the GRS than I have space on here to thank him for.

Chuck and Mary Kirby, they are the backbone behind getting it done on race day. They do a lot for the GRS.

Frank Zieminic, Franks  been at this the longest and he has always been there for support and encouragement wearing multiple hats helping out where he can.

John Edwards another behind the scenes getting it done person.

Thank you to all the GRS sponsors;

Series sponsor,  Roger Gold – RGS Performance Machinery

Trophy Sponsor,  John Rodrigues – JPR Trailer Sales

Sign and Award sponsor,  Dan Delaney – Dan The Sign Man

and all the event sponsors,  thank you all.

Everyone have a safe and healthy off season and I hope to see you at some of the between season events.

Take Care


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