Assistant Race Director and other open issues

Effective 8/7/16 Scott Haynes has resigned his position as Assistant Race Director of the GRS. Scott stated that his ever changing professional and family obligations prevent him from dedicating  his time to the GRS. This was Scotts second year with the GRS as Assistant Race Director after several years as a member and Mod Gas Tech director.

We wish Scott all the best and hope time becomes available soon to allow him to become reacquainted with the GRS.

Thank you Scott for your efforts.

Chuck Kirby has been named the interim Assistant Race Director for the remainder of the year.

At the spring drivers meeting the process of filling the Assistant Race Director will commence.

In addition the Secretary position is still vacant and interested parties are encouraged to contact any seated GRS board member with questions.

In addition after the 2016 Spring drivers meeting the GRS made a request that a banquet committee of at least four members and one board member plan the 2016 Awards banquet. As of 8/9/16 there has been no interest show by the membership.

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