Thanks All Around

The last two week ends have been busy ones. Starting with the Empire Gold Cup and followed by Nostalgia Sunday at Lancaster Dragway the GRS racers had a lot of racing opportunity. Thank you to Clara, Jerry and staff at Empire and Sharon, Glenn and crew at Lancaster for two great back to back weekends!

Empire was toasty but everyone seemed to make the best of it. Once the sun went down the music started and things heated up again…on both sides of the track. Thanks to our friends from the north we were introduced to PooGoo… and the “pistol dance” by one of the GRS stand out members.

Lancaster had better temps but  there was threat and even close proximity rain but little to no time was lost to weather issues. The Buffalo area weather gods wanted to see nostalgia racing!  The racing was fast and furious followed by the Lancaster wall of fame party Saturday nite that inducted another four members… congratulations to all involved.

GRS racers made a great showing at both events…At the Gold Cup,  Bill Vannoy won the Saturday A/G Injected Class with Craig Murry following on Sunday. Nick Defeo won the N/G Class both Saturday and Sunday, and John Shaff  R/U on Saturday but won the Open comp on Sunday for his first win! Matt Figura on Sunday and Arron Reid on Saturday R/U in their respective classes as well

Lancaster racers had the GRS members numbers… Saturday Bill Bigham Won the GRS Open Gasser class with Dan Brockway as the R/U.  Lindsay Payne got the R/U in the GRS Open Modified class.  Sunday was a shut out for the GRS racers.

All in all it was a great weekend of racing. Thank you to all the GRS members that supported these events. See you at Empire on 8/13




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