Lancaster Sunday Nostalgia Drags

GRS racers are heading to Lancaster Dragway  for the Sunday Nostalgia Drags 7/30-7/31

There will be a GRS Open event on Sat 7/30 all who qualify are welcome (see GRS Class rules). There will be a Gasser class and a Modified class

There will be a Lunch Picnic so please bring a dish to pass

GRS Open rules/Format are as follows;

  • Pay spectator entry fee at the front gate – Driver and all crew members
  • Purchase a Tech card at the GRS trailer to participate in the GRS Open- $20
    • Have a GRS official tech your car for class and qualification
  • No electronic/pneumatic controls (Throttle stops, two steps, delay boxes)
  • Pairing will be done at the GRS trailer prior to each round of competition
    • Pairing for first round will be done by closest ET (1v2, 3v4, etc…)
    • subsequent rounds will follow the results of the ladder
  • Any Bye’s will be by random draw.264d264f-2016sundaynostalgiadragsimageforwebsite_0r50ua0r50u9000000[1]

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