GRS Parking

Every year the Group parking issue arises. As most (if not all)of you know parking with the GRS group is expected, but every year more and more people are parking further and further away. This impacts many aspects of the GRS race day. We have always put great importance on the group and not on the individual, together we all make the GRS, individually  we are less. Parking anywhere on the property challenges the strength of the group. We are “a picnic where a Drag race Breaks out”, we have always been about the camaraderie and gathering of like minded racers… Together, helping each other,  bench racing and alike… Together.  As part of the GRS race day practices, you the drivers must prep you cars for the next round, check the ladder and get together with your opponent in a timely manor to discuss lane choices and be informed when its time to head to the lanes by a GRS official.

Please consider your parking choices for the next race. There is more than enough pit space available to us and with cooperation we can get it done…Together



2 thoughts on “GRS Parking

    1. I don’t understand how there can be more more than enough pit spaces available to us when in the area we have traditionally parked in, there are only 5 pit spots that are not reserved. And every week there are more special groups racing that are looking for pit spots. Are we to just take a chance and park in a reserved spot and hope that racer doesn’t show up? I’m not comfortable doing that and I can’t believe that others are either. I don’t think the track manages this problem very well, they are letting the racers fend for themselves. My suggestion for the track would be this, set up a tab on the track website that would list “available” reserved pit spaces each Saturday. This would take cooperation from both racers and the track but I think most racers would be willing to participate. You would simply email the track when you know you are not going to be at the track Saturday thereby making your spot available. To make the task smaller, we could ask that it only pertain to the area we traditionally have parked in.


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