Thank you to all who were in attendance for the annual GRS spring drivers meeting.

There are a couple of issues still outstanding from the meeting.

We are still in need of a nomination for the position of secretary. This is a important roll within the organization and it is an opportunity for new blood to become a board member and help guide the GRS . Please review your By-Laws for Secretary Duties and obligations. Its time for members to step up and involve them selves in the organization.

Second, we had a lengthy discussion about the banquet. There were many opinions on what we should and shouldn’t do. At this time I plan on forming a committee of racer/spouses (with the help of the GRS Executive board) to  determine what type of banquet we (GRS Members) would like and then execute the plan. It would be appreciated if four people would step forward to get this project moving. This is your opportunity to have direct involvement in a GRS event. Please contact me (Bill Stevens) to become a committee member.

Again, thank you all for your attendance and I look forward a great 2016 racing season.

Gasser Racing Series

April 10th 2016, 10 AM, Days Inn 200, Oak st Batavia, NY (next to the Thruway  Exit)

Once again it is  time for the annual Spring Drivers meeting. All are welcome, Members and non members.

On the Agenda (for members in good standing) will be;

  • Fiscal report
  • Board member Nominations
    • Treasurer (1 tr term)
    • Promotions Director -(1 yr term)
    • Secretary (replace Laura how had to step away from active participation)

open to All who attend;

  • Race Dates
    • Points Dates
    • GRS Open Dates
    •  Out of town Dates
  • General GRS inforamtion
  • Q& A for board members

If anyone that has an issue they would like discussed please drop me a note or post here and we will include your thoughts in the agenda.

It will be possible to renew or become a member :30 min prior to the meeting start

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