April 10th 2016, 10 AM, Days Inn 200, Oak st Batavia, NY (next to the Thruway  Exit)

Once again it is  time for the annual Spring Drivers meeting. All are welcome, Members and non members.

On the Agenda (for members in good standing) will be;

  • Fiscal report
  • Board member Nominations
    • Treasurer (1 tr term)
    • Promotions Director -(1 yr term)
    • Secretary (replace Laura how had to step away from active participation)

open to All who attend;

  • Race Dates
    • Points Dates
    • GRS Open Dates
    •  Out of town Dates
  • General GRS inforamtion
  • Q& A for board members

If anyone that has an issue they would like discussed please drop me a note or post here and we will include your thoughts in the agenda.

It will be possible to renew or become a member :30 min prior to the meeting start


  1. We need to discuss a rained out policy. I think the concensus among the racers is that they would like to compete in the full (8) races. Our race dates for 2016 are from 5/21 to 10/8. Empire has (9) open FRIDAY nights with in that time period that MOMS and Open Comp are not running. (2) of those Friday night dates (7/1 and 8/26) are the night before a GRS scheduled event (7/2 and 8/27). There are also (10) SUNDAY dates that are new this year that do not have any extra events tagged on that fall with in the GRS schedule. Only (2) of the Sunday dates (7/17 and 8/28) piggyback onto our Saturday scheduled dates (7/16 and 8/27). My suggestion is to bring this matter to Jerry BEFORE the driver meeting to see if he would be open to this. He should be because it will bring in extra revenue that is lost with a rain out and he is going to be open for business on these dates anyway. Then, out of the 4 piggy back dated (2 Fridays and 2 Sundays), have the members by ballot pick (2) dates for the makeups and the top 2 vote getters are the SCHEDULED rain dates. That way, the majority has spoken and the racers can make scheduling adjustments to be ready to participate if the make ups are necessary. The date choices would allow for a (3) day race weekend if Friday 8/26 and Sunday 8/28 are picked as rain out make up dates around our Saturday scheduled date of 8/27. This is something to work on before the meeting so let’s get it done.


  2. Thanks for your suggestion Bill… the board will discuss what action(s) can be accomplished with regards to Rain Dates prior to the Drivers meeting


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